A Boy Contented and a Man Confused

Some months ago a certain fast food chain committed a nastiness.  I’ll not name the chain.  I don’t need a libel lawsuit leveled against me. I’ll also disclaim that its nastiness is only my opinion and there may well be others who love the product. Also, my opinion should in no way be interpreted as an attempt to convince others not to try it.  I feel safe now, so I’ll continue.

For many weeks I endured the sounds of a four year old enamored with a commercial for “a certain fast food nastiness”.  Every time it came on he screamed “See the fast food nastiness!!!” And turned my face toward the t.v. and demanded that I rewind over and over and over again.  I could tell by the look of the things that it was nothing I’d care for personally, however, my son was so excited over them that my wife and I broke down and made a special trip to the place that sells them.  We drove almost half an hour so he could partake in the quivering chunks of “nastiness” he so obsessed over.  We suffered a less than wonderful meal for the sake of a boy who, upon seeing his much desired quarry, commented not on it being that with which he had been so obsessed.  He merely took a small bite, ran of to play and the whole horrid little box ended up in the trash.  He never mentioned them again.


I bid you Adieu…and A don’t.

Adieu…take chances on culinary oddities.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

A don’t…really bother with it if it comes in a small carton nearly translucent with grease


Author: macbick

I am a writer who takes joy in presenting ideas that I find funny or strange. In addition to blogging I write children's books that, I hope, will bring families together for a few minutes while inspiring laughter, questions, conversations and introducing a few new words. Visit my Facebook page @williamennisauthor for more on my philosophy and to preview my book. Only one is out so far. Many more to come soon.

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