In addition to blogging about ideas I find strange and/or funny and occasionally of some usefulness, I also write children’s books. I write with the philosophy that strong families are an important part of strong communities. I believe reading together is a fun and educational way to strengthen family bonds. With these ideas in mind I try to author stories that will inspire laughter, imagination, questions and conversations while introducing new words and, hopefully, keeping parents from being so bored to death that they hide my books behind their favorites and swear to never buy another publication with my name on it, as I have done with a few that I’ve found hard to tolerate. Only one book “How Sir Donkey Legs Became a Knight” is available so far, but more titles are coming soon. A portion of all my royalties will go to programs and foundations that promote the strengthening and enrichment of families. In addition to, hopefully, enjoying my blog you can follow and/or like my Facebook page @williamennisauthor or visit https://williamennisauthor.wixsite.com/bickfolo . Should you decide it is worth the trouble, there is a link on my pages where you can purchase the book. Any of the aforementioned actions are greatly appreciated.